Topics To Talk About With A Girl

First Date Conversation: Topics To Talk About With A Girl

In the fine art of dating, finding topics to talk about with a girl remains one of the biggest challenges guys have ever encountered.

Picture this: you’ve dazzled her with your clever pick-up line, engaged her in some interesting small talk and even managed to ask her out on a date. Good for you, man! You’re off to a great start.

But what’s next? Remember that the follow through is equally vital to your success!

How To Talk With Girls

As you prepare for that all-important first date, you gotta ask yourself: Are you prepared to carry on a more meaningful 1st date conversation that goes beyond simple flirting? Will you be able to take it to the next level? Can you keep her interested for the entirety of your encounter?

First dates are your “audition” into her world and passing it with flying colors is the key to ensuring that subsequent invitations (or as some guys call it, “repeat business”) are accepted.

Today, we shall discuss the best topics to talk with girls by choosing the best pick up lines for boys. First date conversation should never feel awkward and forced, or else it becomes obvious to the girl that the chemistry just isn’t there. The last thing you’d want is for her to walk away before you even get started.

Follow these how to make conversation tips and you’ll have her hooked for the rest of the evening, maybe even beyond!

Topics To Talk About With A Girl

What Are The Best Topics To Talk About With A Girl?

Tip #1 – Herself

Great Topic To Start Conversation

Girls are social creatures by nature, and they absolutely enjoy interaction. Naturally, their favorite topic to talk about would be themselves.

Don’t take this the wrong way though, this is not to imply that they are self-absorbed egomaniacs who’d rather listen to themselves talk than you. On the contrary, girls like to talk about themselves because they want you to know more about them.

A girl who talks about her interests, hobbies and passions is someone who is offering you a glimpse into their world. Encourage her by displaying interest, nodding your head at appropriate intervals and asking for more details when the opportunity presents itself.

If they sense that you are genuinely interested in them, they in turn will be interested in you, which leads us to our next point.

Tip #2 – Yourself

Don’t Forget To Talk About Yourself

When you first met and she bought your pick-up line, made small talk and agreed to meet you for a date, she was intrigued by your style and wants to get to know you better.

Once she becomes secure in the feeling that you are interested in her (see Tip #1),

it’s time for you to show her into your universe. Safe topics to speak to girls include your work (just make sure you don’t come across as boastful), your interests and your hobbies. She wants to know what a normal day (or week) looks like to you, to see the kind of life you live.

When talking about yourself, be sure to be natural and honest. Otherwise, you might find yourself struggling to live a lie just to continue the charade.

Trust is very important to girls and the last thing you want is to be uncovered as a phony. Once the trust and rapport is firmly established, talking about your shared interests will come easy, which is our next tip.

Tip #3 – Shared Interests

Best Topic To Talk With Girls

This is it: the clincher, the deal-breaker and the final audition. You’ve listened to her and gotten to know her a little better. You’ve also shared a bit about yourself and you can now gauge her level of interest.

From here, you can now proceed to discovering things you have in common. Out of all the interesting topics to chat with a girl, this is the most important one because this will form the foundation of your relationship (not to mention give you ideas for future dates with her).

Shared interests could range from favorite movies or TV shows, to types of music, to perhaps even dreams and aspirations in life. If you can get that far, it’s a good sign that she’s interested in seeing you again (and maybe again and again and again).

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Take An Action!

Hopefully these tips about first dating have been helpful in giving you ideas on what to talk about. When talking to her, always remember to display confidence, establish eye contact and smile a lot.

You want her to feel at ease and comfortable throughout your first date as you dazzle her with your mastery of the best first date conversation topics.

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