Top 5 Tips for Attracting Girls

In this article we are going to talk about some simple techniques that will help a guy to attract women and make them interested in you and what you have to say.

These attraction tips and techniques are not anything exotic or unusual. You do not need to buy some special program or dress up like a peacock to make it work. These are simple down home truths that really effective. If you are reading this and saying… “I know that”, it could be a perfectly fine reaction. Most guys DO know most of these items.

The problem is that some guys DO NOT understand these basics, and some guys choose to not follow them even though they -know- these tips to be right.

For any guy that is constantly finding that girls are “turned off” by him, then chances are one of these “attraction switches” are not being followed.

These tips may not always make a girl fall in love with you, or guarantee success, but they will at least guarantee that you do not kill your own chances of success.

Here are the Basics and the “Musts” of attracting girls.

Top 5 Tips for Attracting Girls

Attract Girls Rule #1

Freshen up!

Before we head into more important matters, it is important to have the essentials covered. Hopefully this should be obvious for 99.9% of the guys out there. It should be, and it possibly is true…but I still see guys out approaching women and notice a nasty funk.

If a woman catches a nasty smell or your clothes look like they have been ironed with a hot rock, you have failed before you open your green-teeth filled mouth.

Sorry to be so blunt and nasty on this one but it is essential.

You may even have “good” hygiene, but if you know you are going somewhere and being “attractive to women” is on the game plan go that extra mile and put even more effort than usual into the basics: Wash your hair, brush your teeth, clean out your ears and behind your ears. Freshen up. Shave. Get a nice haircut if needed. Make sure you smell nice. Make sure your clothes are fresh and washed.

Hopefully this is preaching to the choir, guys.

Attract Girls Rule #2

Have a sense of Style. Borrow it if you have to.

Many guys dress sharp. They iron their clothes and try to look good in them, but they still get a big fat “F” for style.

The first part of style is to be attractive to your body type. One big hint here – no guy looks good in spandex!

If you aren’t a fashion forward person maybe you could go to get a suit fitted and ask the salesperson at the store there for their advice on your body type and how to style yourself properly. Sales people are going to be more than willing to help you pick out clothes that are going to look great on you.

I have long been an advocate of the importance of having female friends that are of the “type” you want to date. These should NOT be sexual in nature. You want them for their friendship. They will help you to be attractive to women in more ways than you can imagine. Style is a huge benefit that she can help you with.

Go shopping with her. Let her buy cloths for you that will “help you with “your” style. She will know what makes you look good. She will know what girls “like her” would find you attractive in. Single handedly a female friend can take your from a fashion zero to a fashion hero.

Attract Girls Rule #3

Work on your Body- Language:

Experts say that 90% of our communication is non-verbal. You will tell women far more about yourself by the way you carry yourself than you can possibly imagine.

If you have already got the hygiene and the great clothes you may think that is all that you need and know you know how to be attractive to women. That is simply not true.

If you slouch, slink and act timid around women, you are ruining all your other efforts. When you walk into a room you should walk in with purpose and not look afraid. You should “own” a room with your confident and perhaps even “bold” body language.

It is understandable that you may feel like a train wreck around women. But it is important that you not display that to everyone around. If act confident long and hard enough a strange thing happens… you become confident.

It is funny, but sometimes if you act like you somebody, “Important” and that all the women should flock to you…they sometimes do.

Top 5 Tips for Attracting Girls

Attract Girls Rule #4

Try to have a sense of Humor and be funny. Funny? Funny how? Funny “Ha Ha” or “Funny Lookin’ ?”

“Funny ha ha” is definitely what you are looking for here.

Women like funny guys. When you get into a conversation with a woman you should try to tell her funny stories about things that happened to you and your friends. These stories should be connected to the subject that you are speaking about or you may confuse her and just come out looking like a stand up comedian.

If you are talking about something and then a relative funny stories comes to mind you can tell it but always let her finish her part of the conversation before telling it. Interrupting is a big turn off to women and will not make you look attractive to her at all.

You DO want to avoid “self-effacing” humor. Maybe you find that “Rodney Dangerfield” humor where he makes fun of himself funny. It can be. She may even laugh. But never intentionally decrease your worth in her eyes. Your jokes and stories should work to build you a high status.

Along this line is “guy” humor. Some girls may love frat-boy type macho humor. Most do not, though. Keep those fart jokes locked up and only enjoy them hanging out with the guys.

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Attract Girls Rule #5

It is not all about what you say; it is also about what you hear.

It sometimes isn’t what you say, it can be what you do not say. Getting a girl talking is important. You may have to work at it to get her talking and at ease. once she starts talking though, sometimes shutting up and listening can be your best bet. This way you still remain a little mysterious and attractive.

Using a trick called, Active Listening can let listen the “right” way. You keep her attention and focus. Find out everything about her you can use to your advantage, while still remaining mysterious and attractive to women.

How to be attractive to women is not as difficult as you may think once you get the hang of being comfortable with yourself after women you are going to have a much higher success rate. Don’t give up on yourself before you get yourself polished and confident. Just keep going out there and trying again and you are going to be able to get the results that you are interested in. If you get frustrated you should try imitating guys that are having success with women to duplicate their success.

These steps may be simple, they are not fancy and flashy “pick-up techniques” but they are the meat-and-potatoes. They are the essential basics you need to build before you start polishing and refining.

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