The Most Important Part of Choosing a Friend

Good Friends Play a BIG Role in Your Life

Choosing your friends is one of the most important things you will have to deal with in your life. A person without a good friend is like a person with only one foot. You could still manage to walk, but finding your way along the road of life without the support of good friends, would be much harder to accomplish.

Who would prefer living without a few good friends anyway. The world would be such a lonely place to live in. When you’re a stranger in a town and feeling lonely, you might consider joining a club, or get a drink in a pub, that way you’re bound to meet new people and who knows …. some of the people you meet may become your friends and one or two may become even good friends.

Good Friends are hard to find and keeping them is even harder. It takes commitment and a bit of devotion, trust and above all: the will to make it happen. Being good friends is not a one way road. It’s the question of giving and taking, of live and let live, of solidarity. Being good friends is almost like a marriage – it’s for better and for worse till death do us part.

The Most Important Part of Choosing a Friend

Kids and Friendship

Imagine what life would be without good friends. Sounds kinda hard, doesn’t it? You walk alone, spend time alone, laugh alone, carry on alone. It is very difficult to walk the road from youth to adulthood and beyond without having a companion to walk it with you.

Good friends, like your loved ones, are essential to our lives. Without a friend, there would be nobody to care for you, when you are not feeling good, to offer you some useful advice, to share with you the laughter and tears, and to be with you in this journey of life.

When you’re young, it’s difficult to know who your true friends are. So often kids think that belonging to the most popular group, is having good friends. I wish that was true, but most of the time it just isn’t. They’re just using you for their own profit and the minute you don’t (can’t) live up to that anymore, they’ll drop you like a stone.

That’s not true friendship, that’s manipulating behavior. How often have you heard: “If you don’t/won’t do this for me, than I’m not your friend anymore”. A true friend will never use that phrase.
A true friend….

  • Shows respect for your view on things
  • Takes you just the way you are
  • Will treat you honestly
  • Won’t mess with your feelings
  • Will help you in every way he/she can
  • Won’t ‘demand’ things from you
  • Is loyal if you don’t overstep his/her boundaries
  • Can last forever, but you both have to work on it

Friendship Defined

Friendship isn’t just a state of the mind, but it rather is an act. That involves something you do, not about whether you’re good or not, but about a sensible affiliation among people, although it doesn’t mean you have to be balanced at all time. There are times when you “need a friend” and there are times you feel the contrary. It is a trust being brought back to you.

Love isn’t love, unless it’s being brought back to you.Love and friendship aren’t quite similar things, although they have bondage with each other; there is a lot of love around friendship. You might say that love isn’t even something between two people, but it is a state of being for only one person. You aren’t just in love. You are love. You truly are, whether you concede it or not.

Connection between Friendship and Health

What Friendship has to do with your Health

Good Friends Play a BIG Role in Your Life

The usual wisdom is that a good friendship enhances a person’s sense of happiness as well as his well-being. A lot of research and studies support the thought that a strong social support could enhance a person’s view for good health and prolonged existence. On the other hand, loneliness and deprivation of social support could result to an increased risk of diseases like infections, heart diseases, and cancer as well as increase death rates. Friendship has even been referred to as a “behavioral vaccine” which could protect physical and mental health as well.

The accurate reasons for this linkage are still unclear, although there is an imposing body of studies connecting friendship with health status. A lot of researches are huge potential studies and whereas there may be a connection between the two, experts still don’t have knowledge whether there is a cause-and-effect relationship. There are some presumptions that try to explain the connection, involving that:

A. Good friends persuade their friends to live a healthy lifestyle.

B. Good friends persuade their friends to look for assistance when needed.

C. Good friends improve their friend’s skills in dealing with sickness and other health problems.

D. Good friends influence physiological paths that are defensive of health.

Now I guess we can have an overview about how a good friendship can affect one’s own health. Hanging out with friends, laughing with them, and doing things together, could promote a good health and a sound mind.

What makes a good Friend? – Getting to know your Friend

When we say ” good friend”, most likely we are pertaining to someone whom we enjoy being with all the time. Someone who makes us laugh, someone who hangs out with us, and someone who participate in everything we are doing. But have you ever thought about what the qualities of a true good friend should be? Well, a good and true friend may not always be there for you, may not always listen to you, and may not always help and understand you. No one is perfect, so don’t expect perfection, but don’t ever worry: a good friend will never leave you behind.

Qualities a good friend should have:

1. Honest

A good friend may not share with you every information of their whole life, but they are and they do try to be clear in their purpose. There are things needed to be kept in private and most of the time he/she may not tell you. Meaning, they try to show a precise portrait of who they are in any different circumstances. But don’t expect they could tell you everything either, rather expect the best from your friend. It’s hard to trust people right away; we just simply need to get to know them better. If you think you have found a honest friend, then do your best to hold on to him/her.

2. Enjoying, entertaining, and unique

Well then, this could be perhaps the main reason for starting a friendship. Although, there is a lot to be said when it comes to chemistry and shared common interests. A good friend knows how to make you laugh, to jerk you out, to make you smile and to make you enjoy life. It’s not easy tagging along with a quiet friend all the time as it feels like you’ve been walking with deaf ears and speechless mouths.

3. Conscientious and pliable

A good friend is someone who listens and understands what you’re going through and how things affect you. They may not be mind readers but they could tell whether you’re sad, happy, excited or mad. When they know, that what they’re doing irritates you, they would change their ways or talk to you.

4. Supportive

A good friend knows your dreams and will try to make the best in helping you achieve what you want. They won’t change the way you are or either drag you to conditions not suitable for you. When things got all pretty bashed up for you, they try to offer the best they could to assist you. A good friend simply won’t leave you behind.

5. Trustworthy

A good friend is someone whom you can trust. They won’t do something stupid that could bring you down. It would be so foolish of a friend to turn you off, isn’t it? How can you call it a true friend if he/she lets you down? Trust is something that’s hard to earn, yet easy to be broken. So try choosing one kind of friend for you to trust but don’t forget, give them also yours.

6. Caring and Thoughtful

Good friends care about you. Although there are many ways of letting you know that they care. Perhaps they may give you a hug, talk to you on the phone or invite you to their home. No good friend would just simply forget you and leave you behind just to enjoy his own life. Such people don’t deserve the name Friend.

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7. Loyal

A good friend would always be there for you in times of good and bad. Being loyal is what almost everyone looks for in a friend. A loyal friend could try his/her best to keep in touch, even though you’re far apart. Once a friend, always a friend. Even though the distance is there, the friendship still remains.

8. Accepts you for what and who you are

A good friend accepts who you are, no matter what kind of person you are, even if you are a nutty head. A true friend simply will stick with you. Acceptance goes hand in hand with understanding. So at least, try to make yourself worthy of his/her friendship.

Many or Few Friends? How many friends do you have?

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