Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Has Moved On

What Are Some Signs That Your Ex Has Moved On?

When a break up happens, it’s difficult to know if it’s for good, or if there is a chance of getting back together.

One way to tell is to look for signs that your ex boyfriend or girlfriend has moved on.

Top Five Signs They’ve Moved On

1. They change their cellphone number. Only people in their “new” circle of friends get the new number. You can’t call and you can’t text, so they clearly don’t want to hear from you any more.

2. They start hanging out in different bars, cafes, or clubs. Their old haunts only remind them of you, so they’re choosing new ones.

3. They’ve bought a whole new wardrobe. Again, their old clothes reminded them of you – you were probably with them when they bought them, or maybe you bought them! Either way, when they change their threads, it’s a sure sign that they’re moving on.

4. They get a pet. It might be a dog, might be a cat, might even be a goldfish. But the important thing is that it’s a symbolic new commitment. They can’t possibly get back with you because now they have responsibilities!

5. They move home. OK so this is a bit drastic, but if they do move home – particularly if they move out of the area, then they clearly aren’t thinking of getting back with you anytime soon.

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Five More Signs

Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Has Moved On

6. They change the answering machine message. Gone is the “Hi this is John and Joan, we’re not here…”, and in is “Hello you’ve reached Joan, I’m afraid I can’t take your call”. It’s a psychological thing. If they’re thinking of getting back with you, the old message will stay.

7. They’re always on vacation. It’s not an avoiding tactic, It’s just that they’ve moved on and are getting on with their life.

8. They’ve taken up a new hobby. If the boyfriend who previously hated the outdoors has suddenly taken up riding, or the girlfriend who wouldn’t be seen dead with a bunch of retirees takes up lace making, it’s because they’re looking to meet new people. People who aren’t you.

9. They take up a new career. Maybe you were holding them back, or maybe they just see their newfound freedom as an opportunity not to be missed. But either way, they didn’t change job when they were with you, so if they’re doing it now, they think it’s all over.

10. They stop forwarding you funny emails. You know the sort – little videos of cats chasing dogs, that kind of thing. We all get them. But if you stop getting them from your ex, then I’m afraid it’s finished.

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