My Boyfriend doesn’t Want to Get Married – Learn what Steps to Take!

My boyfriend doesn’t want to get married!

My boyfriend doesn’t want to get married to me! Why? It is a very common problem that many women from around the world face.

Marriage is a very important step for both sides and when two people are in love, then it should be only a matter of time before they get married. But in the real life things don’t always go that way and it can be hard to figure out why.

What if you and your boyfriend are in love and you have been waiting for a proposal for a very long time, but it hasn’t come yet? That can be hard to take for women and it is hard to understand why men are not willing to take the important last step.

It is often the case that women feel the need to force the issue, which is not always the best idea. When you talk with your boyfriend and you bring out this issue and he doesn’t seem to be very interested in it, then it is hard to know what to do.

Sometimes guys don’t even like to talk about marriage. For many women, it can be hard to take, that they must force the issue themselves in the first place. And when you force the whole marriage thing and your boyfriend says “Sure, we can get married,” then it might seem like he only agreed, because you pushed this issue so hard. And that is not good either.

A man’s thinking processes and actions are very different from women. And what makes perfect sense to your boyfriend, might not make any sense to you at all.

A man might love you very much and wants to spend his life with you, but he doesn’t want to get married for several reasons. Guys have also their own fears and expectations that they might not even fully understand.

There are many tricks and tips you can use, to make your boyfriend want to marry you. By knowing how men think and by making the right moves at the right time, you can make your boyfriend as to marry you.

“Why my boyfriend doesn’t want to get married?” – Maybe he feel obligated to marry you!

My boyfriend doesn't want to get married

Being married can mean different things to men. It can be difficult for men to feel comfortable with marriage for several reasons. For example, a man might feel that marriage creates them more responsibilities and obligations. He might feel that he already has a lot of responsibilities and if he gets married, then there will be even more of them and life will get more hectic and there will be more problems to deal with. And men don’t want that.

Marriage also means answering to someone else and living with someone else, making compromises and all of that, just doesn’t seem like a positive thing. If you are asking the question “Why my boyfriend doesn’t want to get married?” then this could be the reason or at least a reason. If you really want to get married, then you can not make your boyfriend feel like there will be more responsibilities and that life gets more complicated.

You have to make him feel like he is going to be a better person with you officially in his life. You want your partner to feel that you are going to believe in him and help him accomplish his dreams. You want him to be proud that you are his wife and make him feel like he got the best girl in the world to marry him. Your boyfriend has to feel that he is a better person with you and that his life is going to go uphill fast with you by his side. And that can be very hard to do, if you don`t know what moves to make and what steps to take.

I want to get married, he doesn’t! – Things you can do, to make him ask the Big question!

I want to get married he doesn't

I want to get married, he doesn’t – What can I do?” This is a common question and there are many methods that can help you find out the answer to that question. One of the most important things you need to find out, is whether he is comfortable being with you.

If your boyfriend is not totally comfortable around you, for whatever reason, then you can not expect him to marry you. Does your boyfriend spend more time with you or his friends? Does he always talk to you about the emotional and private things that are happening in his life? If you feel that your boyfriend is comfortable with you and that he is openly talks about all the things in his life, then it is a very good sign.

Sometimes women might feel that men have no feelings and emotions or they seem to hide away their emotions. Well, the truth is that men do have very strong feelings and emotions. But men don`t like to share their feelings with everyone and if you want your boyfriend to marry you, then he has to be comfortable enough with you, that he is willing to open up.

Your partner might love you very much and is crazy about you, but that doesn’t mean he is willing to open up. And it can be quite difficult for women to find a way, to make men more open.

So the key here is to force your boyfriend to talk about his feelings and emotions, with making him feel, that you are trying to make him talk about his emotions and feelings. When you are able to do that, then suddenly your partner will become more open with you and things will change to the better. He starts to feel more and more comfortable with, because he was able to share his feelings. And very often a man doesn’t even know why he suddenly feels more comfortable.

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He doesn’t want to get married! – Should I use an ultimatum?

There are a lot of women who really want to see the ring on their finger. This can cause women to use an ultimatum to make their boyfriend ask the Big question. And that is understandable if you have been desperately waiting for the question for a year, 2 years or even more. One of the major problems with ultimatums or in other words ” threats,” is that this can cause the relationship to end.

When you use an ultimatum, because he doesn’t want to get married, then you are forcing your partner to a dead-end. It is a kind of an “all or nothing” move that very rarely pays off.

Many times women get really desperate and give their boyfriends the “now or never” lecture and if you want to do that, then you have to be ready to deal with the truth. This means you have to pack your bags and accept the fact that your boyfriend will say “NO” or “Never!” It is practically impossible or at least very hard to stay in a relationship, when the man has said “Never.”

So basically ultimatums don’t work very well at all and i am sure you are not willing to use the “all or nothing” move at this moment or ever. There are other ways that are far more effective and less dangerous, that can force your stubborn boyfriend to finally ask the Question.

My boyfriend doesn’t want to get married – Maybe you don’t either!

My boyfriend doesn’t want to get married with me because…

My boyfriend doesn't want to get married

Women who really want to get married can be quite desperate and that is never good. Because threatening your boyfriend to marry you doesn’t work and if you are really desperate, then you might not see your boyfriend’s true character. Is your boyfriend really such a great guy or is he acting like a great guy?

A really good way to find out the true character of a potential boyfriend, is to observe how they treat other people and what they do, when nobody is watching.

When nobody is watching them, then people generally act like they really are. I am sure that you have noticed, that people can put on a “front” for a short amounts of time, like for a date. But at some point they will revert back to their own character. This can be quite a problem and even a bit scary, when it comes to relationships.

You might think that you found “Mr. Right” and the love of your life, but when you get engaged and married, then this “perfect” person suddenly changes to a hothead, who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Such situations don`t happen very often but they do happen. It can be a really fantastic thing to be madly in love with someone, but if you are too blinded by love, then it is not a good thing either.

What you can do to avoid being fooled by the “front,” is to watch how they interact with other people. When you go out as a couple to meet some friends or strangers in a party, then how does he interact with other people? When somebody is having a problem or something, does he come and help?

And of course, if some old lady has a bit of difficulty crossing the street or something and your boyfriend doesn’t jump in to help her right away, doesn’t mean he is a bad person or anything. But it is a good idea to look at someone`s actions and behavior when nobody is watching. The last thing you want to do, is get married to someone and find out that the person is not who you thought he was.

“My boyfriend won’t marry me!” – Find out why your boyfriend might not want to get married!

When you are in love with your boyfriend and your boyfriend really loves you, then it is all fantastic. But if you really want to get married and he doesn’t want to get married, then it could be a serious problem. And it is very hard for most women to understand why men, who deeply love their girlfriends, don`t want to get married.

Well, there could be a lot of reasons for it, but there is one very common reason. And I really don`t know if your boyfriend doesn’t want to marry you because of that reason, but it could very well be.

Many women who say, “My boyfriend won’t marry me” don’t often understand how a single man, might feel about marriage. For example, one guy, who was single, said that every married man he knows is sad and depressed. He said that whenever he sees a married man in the gym, he can always tell the married men, because none of them really don`t want to go home.

He mentioned that the married men in his office always seemed to complain about their wives and explain how bad and horrible things are. When that guy saw how married men looked like and how they acted, he came to the realization that the happiness level of men tanks shortly after marriage.

That might be a very negative way to feel about marriage, but that is the opinion of many men. And if their friends and co-workers always seem to say how bad marriage is and so on, then who can blame them for thinking that? The truth is, that when guys talk with each other about marriage or their wives, then they very rarely talk positive things about them.

It is not very likely that a guy would go tell his friends how much he really loves his wife and how happy she makes him feel. Guys don`t talk to each other about such things. So it is much easier for guys to talk about the negative aspects of marriage and even to exaggerate about some issues.

It could be that your boyfriend doesn’t want to get married to you, because he thinks he might end up like some of his unhappy friends, who are really not that unhappy at all. If you are saying to yourself, “My boyfriend won`t marry me,” then expose your boyfriend to couples who are happily married and are not afraid to openly talk about it. That might work really well, especially if your boyfriend is the “macho” type who doesn’t show his feelings. By doing that, his mental picture might quickly change and he no longer feels that all married men are overweight, lazy, middle aged, unhappy with little confidence.

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