Mature Dating Advice – The Art of Conversation

How to approach people.

Learning to approach people you like. How to start a conversation with the opposite sex.

The art of conversation consist of regular practice, it’s not that hard as you might think of it.

To have a successful dialogue remember the most important thing, always be yourself, don’t pretend someone you are not, this is a winning strategy. You can learn to approach other people, to be interesting to others and enjoy meeting new people.

Mature Dating Advice - The Art of Conversation

The Art of Conversation

There are people who was born with a knowledge of how to start a conversation. They can easily talk on different subjects anywhere, they can very naturally keep a dialogue going, they can hit it off anywhere from a supermarket to a seminar.

If you want to find a date you have to power this skill. But no matter how good someone is at talking to other people, when it comes to dating the situation changes.

This is a common experience for many people, when you see someone you like, but you have no clue how to approach and start a conversation.

The easiest way of nowadays is to chat online. You will feel more comfortable to talk to new people on a dating site, where you can meet like-minded single men and women looking for communication, love and friends.

To have a pleasant talk you should think it over first, don’t use cliches it’s boring, you will have more chances to fail rather than to impress your companion.

Anyone can power the art of how to have a successful conversation with a man or a woman, remember to be yourself, don’t pretend someone you are not it will bring you nowhere.

Dating tips for women: advice on how to start a conversation with a man

In modern society it does not matter who initiates a conversation a man or a woman. Men like strong women, they prefer creative approach to dating and relationship. According to statistics men will gladly keep the dialogue going started by a woman. American scientists are point up 5 effective ways how women can approach men first.

To make the first step is not difficult, just think positive, focus on the result.


It’s always a winning strategy. 70% of conversations started with a joke, have more chances for further development. A friendly smile and a witty joke is a great start.

Body language.

Eye contact, flirting, sitting posture, voice timbre, these and many more are called body language, and women know how to use it in the most effective way to gain men’s attention.

A compliment.

Women, men love flattering as much you do, so pay compliment to a man you like or would like to know better. Comment on something special about the man, anything, his good look, his new shirt, or cologne, he’ll appreciate this.


This approach is for brave women. Provoke a situation for example, drop a document case right before the man you like, if he’s a gentleman he’ll rush to help you, if not then why do you need him.

Through out a challenge to a man.

Men like challenges, for example a challenge at billiard bar, or at football. But remember to surrender let him be a winner, boost his ego, you’ll win if you lose, this is the trick.

Ladies if the man you like is shy to approach you first, then don’t be afraid to make the first step. It can be the best decision in your life, but you will not find it out until you try.

Take a chance!

Tips for man: how to approach a woman

Mature Dating Advice - The Art of Conversation

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, some people say. It is actually true, we are so different, but we are so attracted to each other. To gain a woman’s attention is one of the most difficult challenges in the world, because we’re unpredictable, mysterious, we have tens of thousands thoughts per minute, so it’s quite hard to unravel the puzzle.

The rules of approaching a man or a woman are almost the same, except that men have to be more creative, which isn’t easy for most of them. Men are direct, they speak what’s on their minds, while women love to be mysterious, flirty, to be enigma for men. The process of doing the puzzle is exciting for both sexes.

There is a thing you should know before starting a conversation with a woman, women are tired of inappropriate pick ups, maybe it work for some women but not for everyone.

If you know the basic rules, it will be very easy for you to approach any woman you like. Intrigue a woman, excite her curiosity, impress her, do something extraordinary, attract her attention.

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The following are 5 rule how to make a woman to notice you, among the other guys.

Eye contact.

Don’t stare at her like a maniac, the look should be long enough about 3-10 seconds directly to her, so she understand that it’s not a passive glance.


When you actually approach to a woman you like comment on her look, smile, eyes, hair, anything you like about her. Don’t try to be Mr. Bond, say something simple but sweet, it should go from your heart.

The conversation.

Women like intelligent men, even if you IQ is average focus her attention on some interesting facts, news, it can be a movie review or a review of a book. But do not overwhelm her with scientific facts, if you see that she’s bored change the subject immediately.

Make sure you have a decent look, modern outfit, clean cloths, fresh breath, clean hair, cut nails, you don’t have to be Bruce Willis but you have to be visually attractive.

Unpredictable act.

While you two having a pleasant conversation act according to a situation. If it’s hot where you at ask her outside to a fresh air, if she’s bored at the event propose her go to a movie or somewhere else where you two can have fun time together.

The rules are pretty simple, follow your intuition and listen to your heart what can be simpler.

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