Long Distance Relationship Fixes

Ways to Save Long Distance Relationships

A long-distance relationship can be a difficult proposition at best. The stress is often not easy on either party. Open communication is essential to keep a relationship healthy. But is can be hard to walk the fine line between showing someone you care and being too needy.

There are two really important things that everybody needs to survive a long distance relationship.

  • Ways to say I miss you to your significant other.
  • Understanding the things to say while you are away.

If you can take action on these two things long distance relationships will not be nearly as difficult.

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Ways to say I miss you to your significant other:

Knowing the best ways to say “I Miss You” can be really helpful in a long term relationship:

  1. Pictures. Make sure to send your other frequent pictures. It will help them feel they are close to you even if they are not.
  2. Just say it. Telling the other that you “miss them” or “love them” a few times a day is always good. It can be hard to remember that someone out there cares and love you if you never see or hear it from them.
  3. Write them a love poem. It may sound corny, but if you can make a love poem that comes from deep within your heart it can help to show them the depth and breadth of your feelings and emotions. Write as much as you can. With as much feeling and passion as you can muster. Also make it as personal as possible and let them know you are only thinking of them.
  4. Talk to them on the phone and get a little dirty. Let them know what you would like to do with them when you see them again. ‘Nuff said here.
  5. Surprise gifts. They do not have to be big. Just send a little token that you are thinking of them. A little girt that you found, packaged and sent can mean a lot and show that you are thinking of them often.
  6. Technology. Never forget technology as a great way to talk to your significant other while you are away. You have IM, Skype, Tweets, Facebook, Video Chat and never forget plain old Cell calls. There is no need to be complete strangers while away in this day and age.
  7. Traditional gifts. This includes formulaic “I miss you” gifts. Things like: Teddy Grams, Flowers, Singing Telegrams and much more.

Ways to Save Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationship Help

Keeping it “real” in a long distance relationship

Understand the things that need to be said while you are away. Never forget the importance of actually talking about things while you are away.

  1. Never let conversations end with unresolved issues.
  2. Talk about problems you are having.
  3. Include your partner important decisions you make.
  4. Try to text them out of the blue just to say you miss and/or love them.
  5. Above all tell them you care for them and miss them at least three times a day.

A simple and plain “I miss you” can be a powerful call to action. With these simple conversations clues and the few ways to say, “I miss you” hopefully any separation issues are decreased. It is hard to be away, but if you work at it time apart can ultimately bring you closer.

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