Landscaping a Small Backyard

Landscaping a Small Backyard – No Space Is Too Small!

Landscaping a Small Backyard - No Space Is Too Small
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What do you think of when you are planning on landscaping a small backyard? Do you worry that your little slice of heaven is too small for any kind of garden? I believe that no space is too small for plants and you can use even the tiniest of areas.

How about placing containers on a patio, deck or porch? Each one is a garden within itself and you have the ability to move them around which now makes your little garden portable! Any corner or narrow strip of ground can be a garden. The space around a deck can be turned into a colorful flower bed.

How about making an island bed where you plant a variety of plants, including small ornamental trees, grasses and a mix of perennial and annual flowers?

I bet with a little bit of guidance you will be able to transform your tiny space into a beautiful garden. Landscaping a small backyard does not limit you. The possibilities are endless and you will have more time enjoying what you have created rather than working to take care of a large yard.

Beautiful Small Backyard Patio

Beautiful Small Backyard Patio
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Landscaping a Small Backyard – Use Containers!

Landscaping a Small Backyard - Use Containers
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Using Containers is a Great Way to Add Plants to a Small Space.

Using containers is a good idea if you are landscaping a small backyard. Containers come in so many different varieties of materials and sizes and they can fit into anyone’s budget and decor. They can be placed and moved just about anywhere and plants can be replaced easily if they die or get too large.

You could even do vegetables or herbs for an edible garden on a small patio. This is especially great for apartment dwellers in the city. My uncle, who’s lived in Manhattan all his life, always had a terrace garden full of plants.

The soil in a container is controlled by the quality of what you put into it, so unlike the ground, pots can be planted with a larger variety of plants. Dark corners can be brightened up with colorful flowers in reds, oranges, yellows and even white. You can even change the color scheme from year to year to add even more excitement!

The best thing about using containers is that they are portable. If you are having friends and family over for a large get together they can be moved out of the way or used as part of the decor.

Landscaping A Small Backyard – Using The Little Spaces You Already Have

Any little space can be turned into a garden. If a small crack in a sidewalk can grow grass, you can use the small areas around your house to make your yard look bigger. Planting a foundation around the border of your home is a great use of space.

Side yards and small corners can be turned into lush spaces full of flowers and small bushes. The varying heights will give a sense of dimension and draw your eye upwards. Use a variety of leaves and colors. Opposites attract. Whites can brighten up areas around trees and other shady spots. Yellows always look bright and cheerful. Reds are dramatic. Purples and blues serene.

If you know one of your neighbors will be doing landscaping at the same time you are, try splitting the cost of tool rentals and equipment.

Do You Have A Small Backyard Space? Tell us what you have done to landscape your small backyard.

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