Ideas for Landscaping a Hill

Looking for Some Ideas for Landscaping a Hill?

Included in this article are some great ideas for landscaping a hill or slope. Trying to figure out what to do with a hill is not always so easy. It takes some planning and you need to first figure out how much you want to spend on the project.

For instance building a retaining wall or terraces is not an easy task and is therefore not for everyone. Hiring out the work could be expensive. You may want to consider getting a few estimates to see what the costs are. Look through some landscaping books at the library to get some ideas and try to put those ideas on paper.

You should also consider the possibility of using plants on a slope such as certain ground covers or grasses to hold the dirt in place. This is especially important for erosion.

Depending on where you live, high-quality landscaping can add 5 percent to 11 percent to your home’s price. Not bad!

Ideas for Landscaping a Hill – Using Rocks

Ideas for Landscaping a Hill - Using Rocks
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Using Rocks for Landscaping a Hill Can Cut Down on Erosion.

Using rocks for landscaping a hill is an almost perfect solution and it’s a great way to cut down on erosion. They look natural, like they belong there and would look right at home in just about any setting, be it a woodland or even a formal setting.

If you use rocks, do not make the mistake of just putting them on top of the ground. Rocks look best when you bury them a bit to make them look like they’ve been there for a while. Planting around rocks or letting moss grow on them, gives them an even more natural look.

Some readers may be lucky to have a ready supply of rocks in their backyard. Where we live, we’re actually surrounded by rocks and could probably make a fortune if we could sell them, but that’s another story. Most of us don’t have that and will need to purchase rocks from a supplier.

Ideas for Landscaping a Hill - Adding Steps to a Steep Slope
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Ideas for Landscaping a Hill – Building a Retaining Wall

If you are still working on ideas for landscaping a hill, have you considered a retaining wall? Building a wall is not the easiest project for the DIY lover, and is best left for the professionals. A poorly built wall will not only look terrible, but could be dangerous. You don’t want your wall to crumble at the slightest chance of rain, do you?

But if you are one of those people that might make a go at it, a retaining wall could be the answer to your problem. The following videos should help you in your decision to implement a retaining wall when looking for ideas for landscaping a hill.

Videos on How to Build a Retaining Wall

Using Stairs in a Retaining Wall

Readers: Do you try to do most of the work yourself, or leave it to the pros?

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