How to Make Your Wife Happy Again

How to Make Your Wife Happy

If you want to learn how to make your wife happy again then you have landed on the right page! Remember back when you and your wife first got together. How happy you were….Remember how you used to get tongue tied trying to talk and how the butterflies in your stomach used to feel every time you were around her?

Yeah…those were the good ole’ days! Love was in the air and there were no worries or cares in the world as long as you were with the woman of your dreams.

Then, one day (now) things aren’t so happy anymore. In fact, they are growing miserable and you probably don’t know how much more you can take before you give up on your marriage all together.

You just want to learn how to make your wife happy so that you will once again have a happy marriage.

If this sounds similar to the type of situation you have found yourself in, then the information on this page is definitely going to help you. No matter what level of unhappiness your wife is currently experiencing, I have some great tips to share with you that will help you make her happy again.

How to Make Your Wife Happy Again

3 Ways to make your wife happy

A happy wife=A happy husband!

I will start out by telling you some of the ways to make your wife happy and then I will go further into detail about each way so that you will be able to get a clear picture. Before taking a look at the ways that you can make your wife happy again, the first thing you want to do is think about why she is unhappy to begin with.

If you do not know why she is unhappy to begin with, then how are you going to know how to make your wife happy again?

Make Wife Happy

1) Learn to communicate effectively with your wife
2) Pay attention to your wife
3) Spice things up with your wife

These are 3 great ways to make your wife happy with you. As I mentioned, I will be going further into detail about each of these methods to marital happiness, and hopefully you will have one of those “Ah Ha!” moments that will save your marriage from divorce or lots of years of unhappiness.

Learn to Communicate Effectively With Your Wife

Communication is key to a happy marriage

Learning how to communicate effectively with your wife could make a huge difference in her level of happiness with you. A lot of men have problems with communicating their feelings effectively. That means their wives do not know how they are feeling and this creates a mystery that she can only solve using her imagination.

It’s not only that men do not want to talk about how they feel but they do not want to listen to how their wives feel. Most men are guilty of tuning our wives out the second we sense that she is going to tell us something we do not want to hear.

This is not one of those, “Honey, can you take the garbage out?” types of tuning your wife out. It is more like a “Why don’t you ever listen to me when I talk about how I feel?” type of tuning out.

Breakdown in communication is the cause of a lot of marriage problems that couples go through. Husbands do not want to displease their wives by telling them something they do not want to hear, and wives do not want to be ignored by their husbands when they start talking about their feelings.

Pretty soon nobody is talking because of all of the resentment built up inside and the marriage is on a disastrous course for divorce unless something changes…and changes fast!

If you want to learn how to communicate more effectively with your wife before your relationship reaches a danger zone, then check out the tips on this page that will help save your marriage.

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Pay Attention to Your Wife – Listen up!

Some men are guilty of not paying enough attention to their wives. This goes back to effective communication a little bit, but it will help you understand how your wife feels when you do not pay attention to her.

Spice Things Up With Your Wife

Make it interesting again!

When I say, “Spice things up” I am not talking about how to make your wife happy in bed. However, a possible side effect of making your wife happy again by spicing things up is, increased time in the bedroom! So listen up!

All marriages get to the point where things start to smooth out a little bit. What I mean by this is things start to get a little on the boring side. There are a few reasons why your marriage may have become boring.

1) You both have been going through the same routine day after day for years now with not much changing. It is easy to get stuck in a rut when this is the case. If this sounds like your marriage, then do something out of the ordinary and see how happy it makes your wife!

2) You forgot that “new couple” feeling. When a couple is married for a few years, it is easy to forget those tongue tied and butterflies moments. These moments are important for both you and her if you want to be happy in your marriage. Try flashing a smile at your wife the next time your eyes meet. If you smile and you really mean it, she will be able to tell by the look in your eyes and will be overcome with happiness that she is married to such an amazing man that can make her feel like she is in a new relationship even after years of marriage.

3) There is a lack of care on your part. When is the last time you took your wife out on a date? When is the last time you bought her flowers or a gift of some sort? See, the thing is, a lot of men do not think it is as important anymore to do these things for their wives. They think dating is only for couples and flowers and gifts are only for special occasions. This way of thinking is a HUGE mistake and is a good way to make your wife unhappy. If you have a couple of days, book a hotel at a close destination and take her on a romantic weekend getaway. Come home from work with flowers in your hand for no other reason than because you love her. Buy her a gift that she has had her eye on lately.

If you use these tips, then she is going to notice that you are trying to spice up your relationship and she is going to appreciate it and be happy with you. Give it a shot and see how happy your wife is with you for being willing to spice things up!

Did you get a good idea of how to make your wife happy again? Remember, just because she is not happy right now, does not mean that she will never be happy again. You just have to do the right things to make her happy.

If you have any questions, tips, advice, etc…. leave me a comment below and I will do everything I can to help you out!

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