How To Make Up With An Ex Lover

There is really only one key to making up with an ex lover, and that is to both agree to keep the past in the past and to move on. When you start bringing up all the problems that caused you to break up in the first place, that is when all the new problems will start. If you want to keep the peace, keep it quiet. If you feel that you still have a lot of unsaid business about the situation, then it might be best to leave the making up with your ex a little longer. First try and see if you can both work something out that will make you both be able to move forward.

A Mistake?

A lot of ex lovers will realize that they have made a mistake in ending the relationship and will want you back. You both have to be willing to want the relationship to work the second time round otherwise it will never work later down the track.

You shouldn’t be too forward when approaching your ex for another chance. A good tip is to agree to be friends and have no hard feelings towards each other. You can start building your relationship from there.

How To Make Up With An Ex Lover

Making It Up With Them

If you were in a long-term relationship with this person, it will probably make it easier for you to make up with them because they will still have feelings for you, no matter how much they deny it. It is hard to turn away someone that you once felt so strongly about and were thinking about planning a future with. Yes, they may have hurt you deeply, but if the break up was not of a cheating or betrayal nature, then they will most likely welcome you back into their life. Provided you both agree to change the things that sent your relationship down the drain.

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Is Friendship The Answer?

If you want to make up with your ex lover in a friendship way, there are many ways to achieve this. If they or yourself have since moved on and found someone else, show them that you are happy for them. Showing jealousy is not attractive. If you have not found someone else yet but your ex lover has, and you both still see each other here and there in the street or something similar, do not let it show that it upsets you. Maybe it doesn’t upset you to see your ex with someone else, which is a great thing. If it does, just do your best to keep your cool.

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