How to Make Friends and Influence People

Building Your Personality

You will make many friends and influence people once you become wise and self-confident.

This is very simple today, thanks to the extraordinary discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung concerning the meaning of dreams and their healing power. I continued his research, finding more answers, and simplifying his method of dream interpretation.

By following dream therapy you will eliminate the negative components of your personality and develop the positive ones. This is how you will become attractive and sympathetic, independently of your physical characteristics.

Surpassing Erroneous Concepts

Your dreams are very important.

Your dreams are very important

The impression that dreams have no meaning belongs to the erroneous concepts of the absurd modern civilization, which is;

  • Materialistic
  • Atheistic
  • Individualistic
  • Works based on violence and greed

We are underdeveloped primates. This is why we are destroying our planet with our bombs and pollution’s.

Our human conscience is only a spot, while the biggest part of our brain belongs to our anti-conscience, which is our wild and primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like our human side.

The mindset of our civilization is totally absurd because it is the result of our own craziness.

Don’t be a blind victim of the global absurdity that characterizes your historical time. The knowledge of your century is as far from truth as the knowledge of those who lived in the Middle Ages. The technological and scientific progress that characterizes your civilization didn’t eliminate the absurdity of the human race.

Human beings are not really human. This is why they are too far from balance.

You should follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams because the unconscious mind has a divine origin. You will learn how to develop your intelligence, and stop being an indifferent animal.

Through dream translation you will:

  • Acquire sound mental health forever
  • Completely develop your intelligence and brain power
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Make many friends
  • Influence others
  • Help the world find peace

Your extraordinary personality will give you superiority and social power.

By translating the meaning of your dreams and following the unconscious guidance you’ll in fact open your third eye.

Ancient civilizations respected the importance of the meaning of dreams because they were not suffocated by the stressful rhythm of our ridiculous civilization. You should imitate their example and respect the precious meaning of your dreams.

Admiration and Gratitude

Admiration and Gratitude

I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation after two decades of research and cures. Today you only have to exchange dream images with words that your conscious mind can understand in order to immediately understand the unconscious messages contained in each dream.

I give you many free lessons of dream interpretation. You can learn the basics if you are a good student.

The unconscious mind provides you with free psychotherapy for life

Through dream translation according to the scientific method you will learn:

  • How to stop being a hypocrite
  • How to stop making mistakes
  • How to develop your intelligence
  • How to develop your sensitivity
  • How to be humble
  • How to be sincere
  • How to be generous
  • How to always show compassion and understanding

Therefore, you will become a superior human being.

You’ll make many friends and influence others because everyone will admire your extraordinary personality and feel grateful for your existence.

Building Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the most important characteristic of an extraordinary personality.

Building Your Self-Confidence

Only if you are strong and self-confident can you influence others.

If you are insecure and weak you won’t convince your audience that you know what you are talking about, and captivate their attention.

On the other hand, who wants to have insecure friends?

Everyone likes to have powerful and self-confident friends who always help them in many ways. This is why self-confidence is an essential characteristic that must be immediately visible in your personality if you want to have an important social position.

People are influenced only by those who have a strong personality and inspire confidence.

You must be a winner.

The unconscious mind will help you build your self-confidence by eliminating your fears and traumas. You will begin a new life after passing through a process of psychotherapy, which also works as a process of mind development.

How to Present Your Ideas

If you don’t know how to present your ideas in an organized and intelligent manner, nobody will understand the meaning of your words. Thus, you have to speak as if you were a teacher or a lecturer.

You must clearly pronounce all words, without swallowing their end.

Don’t speak too fast.

The way you speak is very important if you want to give a good impression to your audience. It shapes your personal style.

If you speak like a child or if you are incomprehensible, nobody will pay attention to your existence.

You must have always in mind that you have to transmit your ideas in a clear manner, so that your audience may be able to understand what you are saying.

You must learn how to organize your ideas, how to speak slowly, and how to always pronounce well every word, so that your audience may be able to follow your thoughts.

If you stammer, or if your speech is incomprehensible, you won’t attract friends or influence anyone.

If you have problems, you should gradually improve your speech by training when you are alone. Talk to the wall as if you were talking to someone else, until you’ll learn how to speak clearly in public.

The way you speak defines your identity and reflects your educational level.

Your words are very important.

Always think very well about what you are going to say before opening your mouth.

If you don’t have something intelligent to say, remain silent. Don’t make silly observations without meaning.

The unconscious mind will give you many lessons in dreams, so that you may learn how to organize your ideas. Then, you should practice and learn how to express your ideas clearly in all circumstances.

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Facing Problems

If you complain whenever someone makes a mistake or whenever something is not the way you like, you will never make friends.

Complaints have a meaning only when you are a victim of an unfair situation and you are trying to stop being a victim. Otherwise, they have no meaning at all.

For example, if you paid a higher price for something you have purchased while this is not its right price, you should complain to the seller so that you may get your money back.

However, if you’ll complain only because someone accidentally broke a beautiful vase, your attitude will be ridiculous.

When you have no hope to receive anything back after complaining, your complaints will merely reflect your anger.

If you’ll complain because a friend arrived too late for an appointment, or because something is not the way it should be, your complaints won’t help you in any way. On the contrary, they will create a sad and uncomfortable situation for no reason.

As a matter of fact, you should avoid complaining even when you are in the position of a victim. Complaints are like a dog’s annoying barking.

Instead of complaining because something bad happened, look for solutions. Don’t waste your time complaining if you won’t get anything back from these complaints.

You’ll merely generate a sad situation and give a bad impression to everyone who is listening to you, even if you are in the position of a victim and you are supposedly ‘right’ for feeling revolted.

Show understanding, and try to correct the existent mistakes without condemning others for their negligence.

Defining Your Opinion

Defining Your Opinion

Many people believe that they will make many friends if they always agree with everyone’s opinion.

These people are false.

You cannot always please everyone in our world.

Different people have contradictory preferences. You have to respect the existence of various contradictions, and choose your position.

If one day you believe that something is nice because your friend A believes that it is nice, and the next day you believe that the same thing is silly because your friend B believes that it is silly, you have no personal opinion. You are merely flattering everyone you know.

Don’t be ridiculous.

You should clearly state your preferences, and agree only with those who have the same preferences and points of view you do, while disagreeing with those who have different opinions.

If you’ll always agree with everyone, everyone will know that you are not a serious friend and your opinion has no value.

A good friend tells you the truth when you make mistakes, and gives you advice. A good friend cares about your happiness.

If you want to make many friends you must be a good friend to everyone.

Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t pretend to care about your friends’ well-being while you are basically indifferent to their problems.

Pay attention to their problems that same way you pay attention to your problems, and help them find a solution.

You cannot really help your friends if you only care about having their company and you always agree with their opinions in order to be a pleasant company. You are a false ghost. Your presence has no value.

You must respect the meaning of a friendship. If you want to be very popular and have many false friends, stop following this route.

You need real friends, who will really love and respect you.

Therefore, you must love your friends as if they were your brothers and sisters.

You should prefer to have a few good friends you can really trust than to have numerous false friends.

False friends are hypocrites who never pay attention to your problems.

You receive back in life everything you give to others. If you want to have many loyal friends who will really love you and care about your happiness, you must be sincere and generously help your friends in all circumstances.

How to Always Be Calm

A self-confident person is always calm. If you are nervous you seem to have many fears. You must learn how to be calm and make everyone feel comfortable with you.

On the other hand, if you are always anxious or if you are constantly angry, you are not a good company. Your presence won’t make people happy.

You must learn how to be in harmony with your environment and reflect peace.

This is not a simple matter. It doesn’t depend only on training. You must really transform your personality if you want to be a reasonable person and find peace. You cannot get rid of your anxiety or anger without psychotherapy.

Write down all your dreams in a dream journal, translate their meaning according to the scientific method, and follow the free psychotherapy of the unconscious mind. Dream therapy will help you eliminate your wild tendencies and become a wise human being.

This means that you won’t be controlled by anxiety or anger for any reason. You will always calmly ponder your words and actions.

You will learn how to automatically forgive all mistakes and sins, and always show compassion to everyone.

You will also learn how to be patient and wait until you’ll manage to get the results you expect to. The unconscious mind will teach you how to prepare the positive results you desire, and how to respect the time that all transformations take in order to happen.

Patience is a virtue that you must indispensably cultivate if you want to make friends and influence people. Making friends is a process. You have to follow all the necessary steps from the bottom to the top until you’ll manage to attain all your goals.

How to Always Be Gentle

You should always be gentle with everyone, without exceptions.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness.

If you are abrupt or aggressive, you won’t make friends; you’ll acquire enemies.

Therefore, you should always be affective, humane, and merciful.

You may believe that this is a simple matter because you usually are very polite with everyone. However, if your gentleness won’t be based on real love, it will merely reflect your good manners. Therefore, it won’t resist unfair attacks.

If your gentleness is superficial, it will surely disappear when you will be disrespected. You won’t manage to be gentle when you’ll lead with people who are impatient, unfair, or violent.

You’ll tend to be rude with those who are rude.

This is a big mistake that you must avoid. You cannot let the negative behavior of others influence your behavior.

You should be always calm, peaceful, and gentle, even when others show aggressive behavior.

You must be gentle even when you are in a hurry, and even if you are sad, tired, or irritated for some reason.

If you won’t have a superior attitude in all circumstances, you won’t be able to make many friends and influence people.

In order to always keep your gentleness alive, this gentleness must be real, and not a hypocritical attitude.

If you’ll only pretend to respect everyone around you while in fact you are angry with their attitude, or you are totally indifferent to their existence, your false gentleness will be visible.

The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams will help you show authentic gentleness to everyone for cultivating love and compassion in your heart.

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