How to Get your Ex Back- Myths and Facts!

Don’t be deceived by the lies. . .

I’m about to explain to you what will or at least has chances of working with getting your ex back and what will never work. Yeah, we all wish for life to be like a fairy tale story where somehow, the girl and the boy will always have a happy ending, but then Phoof! Reality will wake you up and say “Hey, I win”.

No, I’m not going to exaggerate all the way down to the bottom of this page with a buy link to some useless e-book or magic potion on getting your ex back. So please sit back and read these tips carefully and I hope you guys and girls find it useful.

How to Get your Ex Back- Myths and Facts

MYTH: Make Your Ex Jealous by Flirting with someone else. . .

So your relationship is already on the edge of a cliff and you want to push it off?

If you’re truly in love with your ex, this definitely isn’t the right method to go for because firstly and most importantly, you’re trying to fix up the relationship and not trying to make things worse.

Secondly by making him/her jealous, you have higher chances of causing your ex to take revenge on you by doing the same and not only that, your ex will also end up thinking that breaking up with you was a best decision and that it’s time for them to move on.

Thirdly, it’s just plain childishness.

MYTH: Never Contact Your Ex Until the Right Time Comes. . .

When is the right time going to come? After your ex moves on?

If you want to get back with your ex, you have to make some effort to be in their presence once in a while, showing them you’ve corrected whatever mistake you made and also show your ex that you miss him or her.

You cannot just sit in a corner without contacting them at all and expect for a magic reunion which is simply not the case in reality.

What’s the best, getting rejected after trying or staying rejected without trying?

MYTH: “Get your Ex Back Today” or “Get Your Ex Back Fast” Really?

The title sounds awesome, I mean, who wouldn’t love to get their ex back right after reading some online article, right? But have you ever wondered how it’s too fake to be true? So why do people still read those articles that hardly have any truth and majority of the times, their whole aim would be to try and make you buy their e-book or some sort of magical thing that will supposedly bring back your ex?

I’m telling you now, it’s your choice whether you want to accept It or not, buying an e-book or magical potion is not going to bring your ex back whatsoever.

FACT:- Avoid building up false hopes.

Breaking up with your loved one can cause unbearable pain but the first thing you have to do in order to deal with this pain is to accept the fact that you two are no more.

Avoid building up false hopes of getting back together when you clearly know that there is absolutely no way of that happening. Having this false hope is only going to make you suffer more.

Accepting the fact is painful but believe me, that pain will heal faster than the pain of living with false hopes.

An example scenario- It’s been over 4 years since you broke up with your girl, she is madly in love with someone else and they’re in a happy loving relationship for 4 years.

She has not even once tried to contact you in these four years and you hardly ever saw her. You’ve moved on with your life, had some relationships and that went wrong so now you started thinking about your true love of 4 years ago.

Fine, it’s not wrong to think about her, but do think about the real situation. She is happy with her man and she’s not in love with you, so is there any point at all in sitting in a corner and looking for ways to get her back?

Isn’t that just going to cause you even more pain?

How to Get your Ex Back- Myths and Facts - Avoid building up false hopes

MYTH : Girls, please don’t fall for the pamper trick!

“Seduce him to make him come back”. . .yeah, come back for what?

If your boyfriend never thought about giving your relationship another chance when he saw you crying your heart out and saw all the pain you’re going through for him but he decided to suddenly come back after you’ve pampered up yourself, doesn’t that hint something?

This person obviously didn’t come back because he missed you but only to use your weakness for something else.

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MYTH: Act like you ‘re perfectly fine without your Ex

Errr. . .Why would anyone do that?

If you act like you’re all happy and fine without your ex, chances are that he or she will just end up doing the same and move on.

Unless you are trying to forget about your ex and move on in life, acting like you don’t care will not help. You don’t have to send him or her thousands of texts every day or write Facebook statuses about them 24/7 but you do have to show them you care.

FACT: Magic Spells will NOT bring your Ex Back!

Don’t be fooled by the thousands of false testimonies of people getting their exes back after purchasing a spell for hundreds of dollars.

The simple fact is that true love doesn’t need magic spells to be reunited, if you guys are meant to be, somehow doors will open for your relationship to prosper again.

FACT: Being Good friends with Your Ex will not help get him or her back.

It’s okay to be friends with your ex if you’re perfectly fine with her or him moving on but if you still have hopes of getting back together, then being good friends with your ex might just cause you more headache and depression.

How? You will not be able to stand your ex-boyfriend talking to another girl and being close with her, this can cause you to act all funny due to jealousy and your ex will just end up getting annoyed of you.

Have you or someone you know ever been fooled by any of these Get your Ex Back myths?

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