How to Flirt with Girls Over Text Messages

Flirting is not just physically carried out nowadays. With the advances of technology, it has now become possible to flirt with the girls over text messages. These flirtatious messages must be sent based on relationship you are in with the girl. It’s like a game and you are in control of how you’re playing it.

There are some guidelines on how to flirt with text messages that you should follow in order to become a master cell phone flirt.

How to Flirt with Girls Over Text Messages

Getting Started

What things do you require? Well, it’s quite obvious. You’ll need a mobile and the phone number of girl you want to flirt with. It’s simple to obtain the number from a girl. You can get to her and ask casually for her mobile number if she is already in your circle of friends, or you can find a way to ask around.

A friend of hers may be willing to share her number with a slight persuasion. Once the number has been retrieved, you can send her a surprise text message. Message must imply that you’ve been thinking of her. Choose a theme of the message to use so you can develop a personality, such as using emoticons.

Lively arguments are reliable way to flirt with the girls. However, use the appropriate strategies. When you’re successful in engaging her in a fine argument, stretch your dialogue by giving teasing responses. With a good sense of humor, you can easily capture her heart.

Try Being a Challenge

You must be in control of situation. If the texts she is sending are silly or boring, best for you is NOT to respond. You are the person who should be asking questions and making sure that you get perfect answers. You can expect receiving questions too, but do not reveal a lot. You can spice up your texts with the use of emotions. If you wish to highlight something, capitalize your words. It is the finest way to create distinction in your messages.

The heart of any girl can be melted, only if you are able to send fun text messages. Do not hesitate to prolong the discussion with girl in order to generate some positive responses, even if your fingers hurt.

Getting No Response?

In case, you are not getting any response, it may refer that your messages are either not that good or perhaps you are not using proper techniques. Try sending different text messages, but before sending a different one, make sure that it is the message she may be interested in. One person is different from other, and so each girl is different. If in spite of your efforts, you don’t get a reply, you better forget her and look out for other girls. Be assured that she is not the only girl for you on earth.

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Harassment.. A Big NO!

Make sure that you do not harass a girl through texts. It is not just unethical but an extremely wrong move which can for sure ruin your standing among girls. Girls often tell each other their secrets and in case you show a bad attitude towards a girl, the word will spread immediately. You must know your limitations.

So, find out the phone number of girl you like and send her a text message. If you are patient enough and using the right text message strategies, you will soon find the best lady in town!

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