Help! I’m Sick Of Fighting With My Partner!

How To Rekindle The Spark With Your Partner

Are you sick of constantly fighting with your partner? Is it getting to the point where you don’t like your partner much anymore? Are you getting ready to just throw in the towel? If you are not ready to give up just yet, here are a few tips to help you and your partner reconnect.

Remember, you need to analyze if the relationship is right for you, then decide if you want to make it work. If so, give these tips a try and hopefully you will create a spark again.

Help I'm Sick Of Fighting With My Partner

Take A Break From Each Other

One problem that may be causing you to fight so much is that you are spending a lot of time with each other. You may also be angry over past fights, and this anger is causing you to pick even more fights. The best thing to try is to take a small break from each other.

Have little to no contact with this person, except for the occasional text message letting them know you are alive. Use this break to pursue hobbies and hang out with friends. Go on a mini vacation. Have a girl’s/guy’s night out. This way you are still in a relationship with your partner, but you are giving each other the time needed to cool off. This means that you are still not allowed to see other people; you are still committed.

You most likely will end up missing each other so much; absence does make the heart grow fonder. But you must stay strong and not call or visit you partner, this is all about you and allowing yourself to re-evaluate the relationship and giving each other time to calm down. The break should last from 4 days to a week.

Do Something Fun Together

A great way to reconnect is to have fun and laugh with each other. Take a salsa dance class together, go for a bike ride, have a photo shoot with each other, even play board games together. Laughing makes you both feel good, and you’ll start to warm up to each other again.

Laughing and having fun also helps to ease the tension that’s been built between the two of you. You don’t want to keep associating your partner with fights and negativity. Doing this will allow you to see your partner in a different light and starting associating him or her with good feelings and happy memories.

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Have A Date Night Once A Week

One night a week, go on a date with each other where you push everything aside, including any problems you have (besides the ones with each other). No fighting allowed! Go out for dinner or stay in and watch a movie. Just whatever you do, RELAX. Enjoy yourselves.

By putting all negativity aside, you both will be able to have civil and even deeper conversations. And don’t forget to be romantic! Fall all over again every week by doing something special for each other. Give each other massages, by them their favorite flower, or even make them an intimate card stating all the reasons why you love them. These nights should help you remember why you got together in the first place

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