Hammocks for Backyard Living Areas

Creating a Great Backyard Living Area Using a Hammock

We created a great backyard living area using a hammock that was given to my husband by my mom for Christmas one year. Nobody ever knows what to get him and we had just purchased our first home. The previous owners had put up hooks between two big beautiful oak trees in our backyard. I thought this would be a perfect place for a hammock and gave my mom the idea for a present.

That hammock was the best present he ever got. He works long hours in the construction industry and loved coming home to relax on the hammock. Since then we all have enjoyed our great backyard living area and even the dog jumps on now and then (go figure!). I guess even dogs need to relax sometimes. After all, they have such a hard life.

Types of Hammocks

Choosing the right hammock for a backyard living area is a matter of personal taste. Some people prefer rope hammocks; others want more comfort and choose a quilted fabric. There are different types of hammocks that can be used to create a great backyard living area. Choosing the right one depends on what you want to use it for and where you want to put it. There are hammocks for a variety of uses such as poolside, camping and just lounging about the backyard. Below is a list of different types of hammocks and a description of each.

Brazilian Hammocks

Made in Brazil of tight woven cotton and can be found in a wide selection of colors and patterns. They are very comfortable and durable.

Hammocks For Backyard Living Areas - Brazilian Hammocks
Image by https://www.instagram.com/mangelakirschner/

Mayan Hammocks

Made in Mexico, in the Yucatan, of cotton fabric. Very comfortable and durable. Similar to a Brazilian hammock.

Hammocks For Backyard Living Areas - Mayan Hammocks
Image by https://www.instagram.com/amantollihandmade/

Nicaraguan Hammocks

Hand-woven from 100% soft-spun cotton. Very comfortable, often used as a bed.

Hammocks For Backyard Living Areas - Nicaraguan Hammocks
Image by https://www.instagram.com/siestahammocks/

Rope Hammocks

Made of cotton or polyester roping that is loosely knotted or woven. The newer and softer ropes made today are more comfortable and durable.

Hammocks For Backyard Living Areas - Rope Hammocks
Image by https://www.instagram.com/tropilex/

Fabric Hammocks

Are usually made from a treated fabric that resists fading and weather conditions.

Hammocks For Backyard Living Areas - Fabric Hammocks
Image by https://www.walmart.com/

Quilted-Fabric Hammock

Made with a batting in-between the fabric for a soft, comfortable experience. Usually made from weather resistant fabric.

Hammocks For Backyard Living Areas - Quilted Fabric Hammock
Image by https://www.soothingcompany.com/

Pillow-Top Hammocks

Similar to quilted hammocks only the batting is thicker for a softer surface.

Hammocks For Backyard Living Areas - Pillow-Top Hammocks
Image by http://www.casualdesignsofcapecod.com/

Camping or Travel Hammocks

Are light weight usually made from nylon. Easily folds into a backpack and dries quickly. Some come with mosquito netting or actually look like small tents hung in a tree. Most come with some kind of straps to attach to a tree for a “leave no trace” kind of concept.

Hammocks For Backyard Living Areas - Camping or Travel Hammocks
Image by https://www.roadaffair.com/

Poolside Hammocks

Made from weather resistant, quick-dry fabric, usually of polyester fibers.

Hammocks For Backyard Living Areas - Poolside Hammocks
Image by https://www.myhammock.com/

Hammock Chairs

Come in a variety of styles and fabrics, same as regular hammocks, only you are able to sit up-right.

Hammocks For Backyard Living Areas - Hammock Chairs
Image by https://www.livingstones.co.za/

Video on how to hang a Hammock

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