First Date Tips for Guys

Many people think they have a good idea of at least what they should be doing on a first date. But lets face it, this date is a nerve racking experience and a few first date tips for men can’t hurt.

Guys are often overly concerned about saying or doing the wrong thing. We figure somehow or someway we are going to “mess-up” our shot with the women we desire. Sometimes this feeling can get so bad guys may even consider canceling the date.

The fact of the matter is, though, many guys know a “good” way to go about a first date with a new girl, they really rarely know the best.

Yup! There really are some “optimal” conditions for the perfect first date. And the sad thing is that many of these conditions are very different from what, “conventional” wisdom often tells guys. This article will let you know the best first date tips to make the date become everything you desire.

First Date Tips for Guys

General First Date Tips

So what is this revolutionary system for first date tips for men?

What is it? Some presents to buy women? Some elaborate scheme to sweep them off their feet with a fancy and involved first date? A fancy restaurant, with candles wine and violin players.

In a word: No!

Thinking those are the “proper first date techniques” are the things that get guys in trouble in the first place.

Many guys get too concerned over the “make the first date something to remember” thing. Thinking it is the chance to make or break the relationship. Maybe you can think that way for the 2nd or third date, but the first should really not be like that.

The first date is like a handshake. You meet to see if there is any compatibility or chemistry. You see if you are interested in her and she in you. That is it. She does not have to pledge undying love. Once you and her are satisfied enough for give a 2nd date a chance that should be the end of it. Nothing fancy, no moonlight rides.

When you pour on too much it just has the possibility of making her uncomfortable. Save all that stuff until a couple dates in when she is interested and that will really sweep her off her feet.

First Date for Men – Assuming the Date

Tips to getting that First date

So, after you have been talking to a girl for a little bit and things seem to be going well. it can be time to try to ask her out on that first date. For some guys this is easy,

For other guys asking the girl out on that first date can be the hardest part of the whole endeavor.

For both types of guys there is a tactic that guys can learn a lot from that will give them an advantage in asking the girl on the first date.

It is a sales tactic called, “assuming the sale“.

In the dating world Assuming the Date works like this: When you are ready to ask the girl on the date you never really ask. You just tell her strait out in a very confident manner. Something like this,

“I totally loved this talk we had. Lets go out this weekend. Is Friday night or Saturday night better for you” The next important part is to not equivocate or undercut yourself. It is important to be confident here. When you ask her the question, look her in the eye and do not say anything until you get a response.

If she says no, accept it and move on. Be a man. You never know, sometimes a “no” right now can turn into a yes later on if you show a little class and take a, “no” well.

If you have read her signals right, projected the correct air of confidence and “assumed the date” the right way chances are she will gladly join you for that date.

Asking like that is a subtle difference but it can be an important one. You assume a superior, “bargaining position”.

How to set up the first date

A first date should not be an overly fancy affair. Taking the girl to a special place for the date she will,”remember forever” actually can work against you.

Taking her to the fancy restaurant and buying her extravagant gifts ends up making you seem to overeager and perhaps even desperate. Additionally when you try to make the date too, “perfect” you are simply throwing up more barriers. All the extra worries about making things “perfect” simply work to undermine your confidence, and quite frankly, confidence is one of the most important attributes for that first date.

It is far better to keep things as casual as possible for the first date. Rather than blowing a ton of money just to create an uncomfortable situation it is far better to aim for the date to be in a place you are comfortable with that allows either one of you to easily end the date if it just isn’t going to work out.

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Tidbits of Information to help you attract women

Whether you are on the first or fifteenth date

Attracting women is something that is essential to get the first dates as well as to continue to have a good and healthy relationship. Your dates should be comfortable and relaxed. You shouldn’t have to worry about what the “right” thing to do is. You should learn to let your relationship grow simply by connecting with the women you date.

One way to gain this lack of “worry” that translates to great confidence with women is to know what to do around women. Like anything, this confidence and ease can only be built with practice and knowledge.

Where to Go on the First Date

First Date Tips for Guys - Early Relationship Advice

Big mistakes for First Dates:It should be easy to see the big mistake that guys make on their first date.

Many guys make the first date far to elaborate and “special”. Besides all the time, energy and money this puts into the event that are wasted if you do not “click” this puts undo pressure on both the man and woman.

It is hard to grow to “like” a stranger if you feel out of place. Assuming too much about your date can put both her out of place as well as yourself. If you feel out of place you will not be confident, therefore far less attractive to women. The same hold true for her.

So where should you go on your first date?

Part of it is trying to get a quick “read’ on the girl you are planning on dating. What do you think she would like, that is fairly, casual. It is OK to be wrong, it is far more important that you pick some place YOU are comfortable.

Meet her for drinks:The drinks do not have to be alcoholic

You could meet her at a juice bar, a coffee shop or anywhere you can casually meet and talk. the only important thing is that you do not meet to “eat”. Eating in front of a woman has too many connotations and adds a lot of extra pressure

Meet her for neutral activities

These should be relatively innocent things that she can meet you for. Such as a new exhibit museum or a sporting event. It should be someplace where you also have some time to talk, but nothing too fancy or expensive.

Get Physical on your date

Not THAT Physical. I am talking sports or exercise. This is one that really does depend on the “type” of girl. But if she seems like the “outdoorsy” type go for a walk on the beach, or a hike. Go on a bike ride. Perhaps even Miniature golf or bowling. the important thing is that they are events that you like, enjoy and you at least -believe- she would like too.

Let me know your first date experiences, good and bad.

Thank you! Enjoy your date.

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