Do I Love Him TOO Much?

How much is TOO Much??

Ever been in love and felt that you were giving all of you but not receiving very much? Does your relationship often leave you feeling drained and saddened at the end of the day? Is there a such thing as loving someone to much? Should there be boundaries and limits to your love or should love be limitless?

Maybe its just that we are all made differently and we display our love in different ways… Maybe that’s why he doesn’t do this or do that. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t give me the same kind of love I am giving him. Could this be why I feel lonely and unloved?

There are answers to this question and I believe this question has been asked by many from time to time: “Just when is Love not enough?” “Just When is My Loving Too Much?

Sometimes we don’t find the answers to the questions that dance over our minds because we don’t sincerely want to know. The answer lays deep within and often times it is one we don’t want to hear. If you want to know if you are loving way to much in your relationship or think you can find something here to pass along to someone who is, read along.

Do I Love Him TOO Much

A Love that Never Dies

I once heard it said that “Love is Never Lost“. It goes on. The source may change but love, it remains. Have you ever heard this? Does it remain true for you? This means that love is something that you can give freely only because it was once freely given to you. You never have to fear loving someone for fear that they will never love you back. Love is never lost. It is a never drying fountain.

This leads me on to saying that if you have lost a love one in any way keep hope alive. You can find love again. Some of us have lost a lover to death. Others of us have lost love due to a terrible break up. Different people enter our lives at certain seasons and leave our lives during others. Everyone you encounter isn’t meant to stay with us forever although we would prefer they do. We can only attract the type of relationship that echoes the vibration of our understanding.

If you want to find true love never give up as you can only have in your life that which you believe you can have. You can never soar higher than your belief. Keep hope alive and prepare for the lover that is coming into your life.

Is This Really Love?

There are ways to determine if you are “Loving to Much”. I would first say that it starts with searching deep within and being completely honest with yourself. How can we expect others to be honest with us if we are continuously lying to ourselves. We have to take a good look in the mirror and really take the time to discover more about the person who is looking back in our direction. Questions such as who am I? What am I worth? What do I want out of life? should come to surface and be pondered on.

The most important person in the universe is us because we are the center of our own universe. If we aren’t in balance and aren’t familiar with ourselves and with our needs, others around us won’t be able to respond to us the way they should. Are we giving too much of ourselves in our relationships?

The answer to all of these questions start with us? How are we treating ourselves and what is our self talk about? Yes, I said it, “SELF TALK“. When no one else is talking to us our minds are always talking. Our thoughts are always moving even when we don’t want them to. Take a day to really be silent and listen to what your mind is telling you about yourself. If you notice that you have negative limiting beliefs about yourself, there is a big chance that your relationships will have the same vibration.

Are we loving ourselves? Are we taking the time to really make sure we have what we need and that we are really providing ourselves with the people, environment, and circumstances that keep us happy? Are we taking responsibility for our own actions? You have to take complete care of you before you can expect for someone else to come along and care for you.

If your relationship is making you sad and emotionally frustrated half of the time or most of the time, maybe this isn’t really love. If you have been in a relationship for a long period of time but your situation depresses you and you aren’t getting what you deserve from the relationship, Maybe you are more addicted to the routine but not in love.

I think one of the hardest things to do is admitting to ourselves the truth of being attached to something that has just run its course. Sometimes relationships, especially one’s that we enter when we are younger or less mature have their way of not wanting to catch up with our growth. If you are constantly growing spiritually, emotionally, and mentally and your partner remains in the same place in these areas it may be time to exit the relationship. Sometimes letting go can be one of the hardest things to do but once you do it can be the best decision for your life.

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If It Isn’t Love Let it GO

Releasing can be the hardest thing to do. It’s a beautiful experience but can also be a bittersweet one. You deserve everything that you desire. As long as you are willing to offer and capable of offering what you desire (within reason) you deserve to meet just the person who is willing to give those things. Always remember, true love isn’t selfish but also loves itself first. You have to find that balance between being selfish and loving self first. If you can make sure you are well and healthy and take responsibility for making sure that you are a complete fulfilled person then you are well on your way to having that joyful fulfilling relationship that you deserve.

I find that many of us want that perfect relationship but we miss the step of looking within ourselves to make sure that we are ready and deserving of that relationship at this point of time. How many people have prayed for a faithful mate only to be caught cheating when they finally have that faithful mate enter their life. This is very contradicting. I would say be careful what you pray for and do more work improving upon yourself.

Be careful exhausting yourself giving everything to someone who isn’t willing to do the same. Quit being the push over. Learn to walk away when relationships don’t suit you. You should never have to beg anyone to love you or try manipulating them to do the same. If you are in a relationship in which you are giving all of your love but aren’t receiving the same in return then the answer is: YES, you are loving TOO much.

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