Battered Women Defense: How to Protect Yourself

Break the Silence!

According to estimates, between one and six million women suffer from physical abuse every year- even young women between the ages of 20 and 24 are unfortunately not immune to the intimation of violence by their partners and they fail to take advantage of the protection offered through battered women defense.

Couldn’t Happen To Me? Or Could it!

Every 9 seconds, a woman is assaulted in the US, whereas one in every three women worldwide is assaulted, coerced into sex or made to suffer abuse in her lifetime. Even if it does not directly affect you, do you continue to fold our arms and pretend that all is well when you know this is happening to a fellow woman or we need to break the silence?

Domestic violence is not a racial issue at all since it affects both black and white women alike. The statistics are alarming enough for us to see and there can be no better time than right now to take control of our lives as women in this situation.

Battered Women Defense How to Protect Yourself

We Are Beautiful – Keep it That Way

We cannot continue to let our daughters, friends, mothers, sisters, aunties and other loved ones suffer on the basis of their gender, especially when we may know someone encountering a terrible episode of horrid proportions -we have to save lives, one-third of reported domestic violence cases are lost to homicide each year.

The best way to prevent domestic violence against women is to uphold your dignity as a woman and make proper calculations for protection to prevent the next attack. While you may be unable to undo the past, you must be prepared by decision not to allow any negative treatment continue on you or loved ones again.

Prepared Protection Devices

When you learn self-defense techniques early enough and teach other women, perhaps the entire women folk will be able to defend in any domestic violence situation even when it is from people close to them.

By using the proper self-defense techniques and safety tools, many women in the world at large have been saved from being victimized by abusive individuals. The aim is not to strike back your abuser with an equal or a more powerful force; but prevent abuse and incapacitate the abuser enough to allow you adequate time to get out of an emergency exit.

Preparation is Protection – Awareness for the Unexpected

Take note when refusing to take the proper action, could lead one to the actions of past disastrous consequences. Stun devices and pepper spray are excellent safety devices to use in this regard because of their overwhelming effect when used on an abusive individual.

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Evidence Is a Big Deterience

On the other hand, you may choose to allow the abuse to go on “undisturbed” and pursue justice in the law court against the abuser later. Perhaps it’s just the evidence for your best interest. In that case, you probably need is to install devices like hidden cameras to record footage of the abusive events.

These can be presented as tangible evidence either in the courts or to the proper authorities that need to see the proof. Spyware cameras can come in a variety of shapes and objects, from the smallest screw on the wall to wall-clocks, a normal looking bedroom clock, CD players and radios.

Enough is enough

This is your right to be heard as well as respected, allowing the world to understand more about this situation. The abuse to one is no doubt an injustice to us all. Domestic violence against women cannot continue with these statistics.

Enough is enough we must rise up to the challenges and fight every abusive situation with preparation of stun devices or caught in the act evidence. It’s all within the ambit of the law for battered women defense.

Fight Fear with Preparation

The best form of battered women defense is no other than eradicating fear and adequate preparation to prevent the next attack. You must protect yourself through logical thinking and legitimate means.

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