20 Secret Tips on How to Win a Girls Heart [WRITTEN By a GIRL]

We’re talking about winning her heart so dude your focus should be on impressing her heart and nothing else!

How to Win a Girls Heart – Written by a Girl is everything guys should know about winning a girls heart.

To win her heart, it takes much more than money and good looks. Just remember one thing before you get started on this, she will not be impressed by your look or your riches if she’s after your heart! So make sure your efforts are not wasted on the wrong person. This applies to both genders.

Guys usually search for ways to impress a girl to bed and if you’re looking for those kinds of advices, you’re on the wrong place. This page is for those sweet boys that really care about their loved ones and are trying their best to win their girls hearts.

A wise man once said that you can be the best looking person in the world but if your personality is ugly then you’re ugly too. So keep your inner heart pure and innocent and you will not only win her heart but also every one else’s too with your beautiful personality.

How to Win a Girls Heart - Written by a Girl

TIP-1: Being romantic is different from being desperate. . .

You should really not be having sexual thoughts when you’re trying to win her heart..

Whether you’re still in the process of getting to know her or if you’ve already started dating her, if you constantly talk about sexual matters every chance you get, trust me you’re not going to win her heart but rather make yourself look desperate after something else.

Don’t get mad at her if she refuses to get physical with you even weeks after dating, it’s not her fault! Remember what I said in the beginning, you’re trying to win her heart and your focus should be on her heart not on anything else.

TIP- 2: She would rather have you take her to one of her favorite places than to a park or a pub!

Just because your friends take their girls to parks and pubs doesn’t mean you have to be like them. . .

Spend some time trying to get to know her likes and dislikes. This is one of the most important thing to do if you want to win her heart. This does not mean you hand out a questionnaire to her and ask her to fill it in. Just take things slow and get to know her day by day from her daily activities and her conversations with you.

For e.g. if you two were planning on a day out and you know that she would rather visit a science museum than go to cinemas, why not visit the museum for her sake? You might not be getting too physical with her at a museum but you will definitely impress her heart because you gave more importance to what she likes than focusing on what everybody else is doing. By doing this you will make her feel respected and loved.

How to Win a Girls Heart - Written by a Girl - Tip 2

TIP-3: Tell her she’s beautiful not sexy!

Girls love being called beautiful than sexy, fit, peng etc

Being called beautiful is the best compliment a girl can ever get! All the other words are nothing but just words of lustful thoughts.Tell her she looks beautiful even when her hair is messy and when she’s not wearing any make up.

But if her hair blatantly looks like a clown then don’t go telling her a poem about how beautiful she looks with her hair like that, that will either make her laugh or get angry. But always remember to say baby you look beautiful.

TIP-4: Never ever compare her to your ex in both good and bad ways. .

This can cause big problems in your relationship if you compare her to your ex at any circumstance. . .

Just because your ex cheated on you or your friend’s ex cheated on him doesn’t mean your girl is going to do that to you so stop comparing her to other girls who cheated in their relationships and learn to trust her for who she is.

If she got really mad at you for some reason, don’t shout at her saying “Ahh you’re just like my ex, this is why I broke up with her etc”, if you say things like this she might end up saying good bye to you for ever so watch what you say to her. Being compared to a cruel ex will give her more pain than you breaking up with her so never ever compare her to your ex.

How to Win a Girls Heart - Written by a Girl - Tip 4

TIP-5: Don’t be too overprotective. .She is not your slave!

Little bit of jealousy is fine for a healthy relationship but if you go over the top and complain about every single thing she does, you might end up losing her. Some guys go to some extreme level and get angry because their girl is spending time with her boy cousin who is about the same age as her. Well you have to trust her, if she cheats on you then she is not the one for you and you should just move on.

Don’t force her to give you a time table of all her daily activities; she is your love not slave. Don’t annoy her for simple things like not picking the phone up on the first go or not getting ready on time. She is a girl and she is your girl, if you want to win her heart, you must learn to be patience with her in all matters and this could mean letting go of your ego for your love’s sake.

TIP-6: Show interest in meeting her family members and becoming one of them. . .

This will let her know that you’re serious about her. . .

Most guys back off when it comes to introducing their girls to their family members and this makes girls become suspicious about the relationship. So the sooner you introduce her to your family, the happier and secure she will feel about your love.

To win her heart, you have to try your very best to win her family members hearts as well. Even if you don’t end up impressing her family members, you will definitely impress her when you show interest in getting to know and get along with her family members.

You should also show a keen interest in introducing her to your family members even if it means you will have arguments with your family members because of her. Not trying to say that she matters more than your mum or dad but she does matter so you have to be ready to take the risk in introducing her to your family members no matter what.

What if her parents or your parents disagree with your love?

If that happens by any unfortunate chances, make sure you`re ready to sacrifice your family members for her! Don’t end up coming up with excuses such as “I love my mum so much and I can’t marry you if mum doesn’t agree etc”. You should have thought about all of these consequences before you got excited enough to fall in love with her and make her fall in love with you. It won’t be fair on the girl if you make her fall in love with you, get her hopes high and then come up with family excuses to break up with her. This applies to both boys and girls.

How to Win a Girls Heart - Written by a Girl - Tip 6

TIP-7: Kiss her on the forehead…

Its super cute and will make her happy

Some guys think forehead kisses are dry and boring but trust me girls love it. Forehead kisses are super cute and makes her feel really loved so kiss her on her forehead when you have the chance to.

TIP-8: Be kind and helpful to others…

Rude boys might impress the minds but not hearts. . .

Be helpful to others. If you see an old lady drop her grocery bags in the middle of the street don’t stare and walk away or stand and laugh like others would do, go and help her out. Little things like this will give big positive impression of you to her and make others feel embarrassed too.

TIP-9: Can you cook?

If you cant, make her a simple sandwich at least.

No guys cooking Is not for women only! Cook her tasty meal or at least a nice sandwich. This shows her that you’re different from all the other so called bad guys who think women belong in the kitchen and guys don’t have to cook etc.

TIP-10: Don’t break her trust..

You will break her heart too. .

Its okay to have friends who are girls but don’t blatantly flirt with other girls in front of her or behind her back. Would you like it if she flirted with other guys in front of you or behind your back? The girl would also feel hurt if you do that so don’t do it.

Don’t keep on lying for simple and silly things like “oh I don’t know who she is” and then she finds out that girl you were staring at was your ex. Don’t tell her lies such as “I was scared you will get mad at me” to cover up the initial lies. Be honest with her in all matters to avoid future heart breaks.

TIP-11: Don’ t judge other girls from what you heard about them. .

Before you say something really bad about a girl, think of her as your own sister and ask yourself if you would say such thing about your own sister. Judging other girls and having jokes about them with your friends might be fun to you but all girls hate it. Your girl will see your personality by the way you judge other girls.

Don’t start saying bad things about your ex to her thinking she will be impressed, no she won’t! She might just get suspicious about the kind of stuff you might say about her one day if she becomes your ex. Girls worry about the future a lot so think before you speak.

TIP-12: Oh you’re cherishing the memories of your ex? 😐

What the??

Why on earth are you going to waste another girl’s time if you’re still in love with your ex and you want to cherish her memories and so on? Even if your new girl says she’s perfectly fine with you keeping the old photos/cards/gifts of your ex, deep inside she is sad and she will definitely bring it up one day soon or later in an argument.

It is a must to get rid of all the past memories with your ex if you really want to win the heart of another girl. Would you be happy if she kept any of her ex boyfriend’s stuff and told you that she was cherishing his memories? In everything you say and do to her, put yourself in her position before you do it.

TIP-13: Be the first person to wish her on her birthday right at 12am!

No matter what. . .

Even if she has 100 friends waiting on the line to wish her and her family by her side, she will only be expecting you to wish her at 12 before any one else does. So make sure you do!

Girls love that moment of joy when their loved ones surprisingly wish them happy birthday right at twelve in the midnight. And if it’s possible, you can even give her a surprise birthday party. You could surprise her by buying something that she’s wanted to get for a long time.

How to Win a Girls Heart - Written by a Girl - Tip 12

TIP-14: Allow her time to spend with her own friends too..

I talked about being too overprotective earlier and now we’re talking about being too possessive! Girls like it when guys are possessive over them but remember not to cross the limit. Don’t force her to spend time with you 24/7, allow her to spend time with her friends and families too. If she wants to spend time with you 24/7 then that’s a different story but otherwise please don’t be over possessive.

TIP#15- How can I win her heart even when she already has a boyfriend?

Oh myyy! Why on earth do you want to win another guy’s girl?

Don’t come up with excuses such as love is blind and so on because karma will get you back. You might search for ways to win her heart even when she already has a man and if by any chance you do manage to make her yours, how can you be sure that someone else might not search for ways to win her heart when she is your girl? This is even worse if she is already married and you`re trying to win her heart. Wow what are you thinking in your head? Sorry if this disappointed you but it’s the fact. Search for ways to win single girl`s hearts not the ones who are already taken.

TIP#16: How to win a girl’s heart when she’s still in love with her ex?

This is a complicated situation. I would call it a triangle relationship because you like her, but she likes him and he doesn’t like her? Firstly get to know the actual reasons [if possible] for why she broke up with her ex or why he broke up with her.

Be a good friend to her, give her the emotional support that she needs without taking advantage of her trust on you. if she does trust you enough to let you know what happened in her previous relationship and so on, ask yourself this question: “Am I like her ex?”, if your answer is yes then forget about winning her heart because you will never.

Fortunately if you know in your heart that you are nothing like her ex and you will be everything she ever wanted from her boyfriend, then continue with the good friendship which might or might not grow into love.

You need a lot of patience when you’re in triangular relationship situations like this, so don’t rush into “I love you, can we go out?” straightaway, be patient and take things slow. Who knows she might feel comfortable being with you and might start falling in love with you so just find out what she likes/dislikes and act according to that.

Unless she tells you about her ex, you must never ask about him in both good and bad ways.

How to Win a Girls Heart - Written by a Girl - Tip 16

TIP#17: Whats the best thing you can do during a huge argument with your girlfriend?

The best thing you can possibly do is to keep quiet no matter how much she tempts your words. This can be impossible at times but it seriously is the best way you can quit the argument! This tip applies for both guys and girls. If you ever have a serious mad argument with your loved one, just try your best to stay calm and quiet.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you don’t give a crap about that girl, you love her so much and no matter how worse your situation is, you want to be with her and if that’s true then you must keep calm and wait for her to calm down. Even if whatever that’s caused the argument is not your fault, if you keep calm and explain things in an appropriate manner, she will understand [hopefully] and things will get better again.

TIP#18: What can you do if you two are arguing 24/7 over anything and everything?

Its time to test whose love is true. Just take a break from the relationship for a while and continue with your everyday life. If you love her so much, you would rather have her sit next to you arguing about something than not have her talk to you at all and it’s the same story with her too. Eventually you will both miss each other so much that one or sometimes both of you will come to an understanding to let go of each other’s ego and apologize and get together again.

However most guys and girls make the silly mistake of going for a quick rebound after breaking up to ease their minds of the past and to make the other person jealous. If you even think about doing this to your girl, do it only if you have no hope of getting back with her again. Unless you want to forget your girlfriend completely and move on with your life, do not attempt to fall for any one else.

TIP#19: Periods are not always the cause of our mood swings!

Why do all guys ask a girl if she’s on her period just because she’s upset about something? What makes you think you’re not the cause of her mood swing? Why do you have to blame it on her period every time? Girls [most of them] do get quite stressed and upset during their menstrual cycle and it’s not our fault! The hormonal changes that take place inside our bodies’ causes a lot of stress and pain for some women to go through what they go through during their menstrual cycles. So next time you even think about asking a girl if she’s on her period, think twice!

Okay there might be some girls who overact and blame it on their period every time but guys we’re not all the same!

TIP#20- 2. Spending too much time with your so called `Sister from another mother`

Is not always a good idea…

There are some guys who really mean it when they call a girl their sister but the rest don’t even know the meaning of the word `sister`. They would call a girl sister, spend time with her, eventually flirt with her and get too touchy touchy with her and lie about their relationship when confronted.

So if you know a girl whom you really do see as a sister, make sure that you introduce her to your girlfriend and keep things open with her. Its okay to spend time with your sister from another mother but just don’t overdo it.

Girls get jealous when they see their man spending too much time with other girls no matter who they are.

Sooo, have you already won her heart or are you still in the process?
Share your stories and tips here..

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