10 Ways to Propose a Women

As someone that didn’t propose to his wife in the best way (hat out of the bag before the proposal and the ring that never came, sorry love) I was interested to see how other men had proposed to their partners, or even how women had proposed. Lets have a look at some proposals, ranging from the norm to the extravagant.

10 Ways to Propose a Women

Number 10

The typical dinner out/pubic place down on one knee, will you marry me speech. Quite an original idea, but for most women they are happy with this, just make sure you get a good ring to go along with.

Number 9

A slight variation on 10, only with the added romance of a home cooked meal/picnic and more personal setting. Good if you are worried about this going south. At least no one else will see you.

The home approach can be good and give that personal touch, some women don’t like public proposals.

Number 8

Hiding the ring in food or in an object. More common than you think, bit of a choking hazard though so be careful, and is the ring really big enough if it can be hidden so easily. Think on…

freezing a ring in ice and then serving this to her/him in a glass of wine is a unique idea, just keep a close eye and make sure your spouse doesn’t choke!!

Number 7

The will you marry me ? Card. Much more popular since the up rise of companies that write and send the cards for you. Good for use on occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, when she is least expecting it.

This approach can be really romantic especially if your spouse is away, on holiday somewhere. This can be a really successful and romantic idea, Oh and throw in some flowers too!

Number 6

The WILL YOU MARRY ME? Message in the sky/on the scoreboard. Seems like a lot of work and money for something that’s been so done before… but again a grand gesture she will love. Unless she says no. Then it’s just public humiliation at its worst…

This is sometimes a great idea, even if its been done before the idea is to surprise your spouse with this and throw her off her feet.

Number 5

The top of the mountain proposal- again, a lot of effort and done quite a lot more than you think, but if your into climbing mountains why not .

If your spouse is outgoing and likes regular exercise and mountain walks this maybe the best idea yet!

Number 4

One gentlemen proposed to his girlfriend by creating a forge map on halo and spelling out will you marry me with weapons, and the rather cute phrase of will you be my partner for life? Actually rather cool as she too loved halo. Not sure this will work for every girl though

Number 3

One crazy man set himself on fire before jumping into a pool and proposing once extinguished. He did have the help of a stunt man friend, and the lovely line ‘you make me hot’. Thank goodness she thought it was funny, she could have takes it the wrong way.

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Number 2

There was one man who hired a whole theater show at the huge cost of £10, 000 and was to star in it. He persuaded his girlfriend to come, thinking it was just a show he was in, but changed his lines during the play to tell her he loved her and to propose. Bet the ring was tiny,

Number 1

My number one just down to sheer effort and the involvement of so many people. Although this has been repeated in other forms, this bride to be must have felt very special. Her husband to be got all his friends and family to walk to the park, each with an umbrella with the letters on to spell out will you marry me. They all sat in park and he persuaded her to take a walk. As she got close, they opened the umbrellas, and as she turned to tell her partner, found him on one knee.

Please feel free to add how you proposed or were proposed to, or your ideal proposal. You never know, this could inspire someone to pop the question in a way that really shows their love.

How did your spouse/You propose to your other half?

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